Thursday, February 18, 2010

Seani Sevierim Turkiye..---> PART 1

For The First Part, Let the pics speak for themselves..
Picture speaks a thousand words.

-Hyper sweet candy! 1.5 Lira.
-In front of Blue Mosque
-I was the first who tried it. Suddenly so there's a crowd to try it.
-A professional photographer took a photo of me with the candy!

From left to right :

-Before Bosphorus Cruise. With our organizer, Aiman, "Si Melayu Celup" because he can speaks Malay..

- View from the cruise. The water seems dark and mysterious. But Calm...
A lot of luxurious houses at the beache. With private boats.
Each of us claimed our own house.. hihihi..

- With Hamizah Apandi.

This is the best part!!!

- Istanbul is heaven for shopping! Heaven!!!
We were very lucky for the sale was exactly on the day we visited the mall!
Heaven sale.. Sangat murah..

- Manequin tambahan.. hihii
At the leather market. A reasonable price..
And i bought...................


-A clutch + purse.
Read that : Deri Sarayi, Genuine Leather, Since 1957
Since i don't have a proper purse, so I decided to get a nice one with quality.
The only red leather. The Price?? berpatutan lah dgn genuine leather..
So,this is my new baby.

- Sir Mehmed. Our free touristguide until the very last day.
A Turksih but live in London.
A Manager of That Restaurant. Single.
I'm gonna make an entry for this noble man..

- In Panorama museum (History museum) in Topkapi.
The first 3D museum in the world. But all in Turkish.
Thanx to Sir Mehmed for the translation.

-This is the painting covering a 3000 square metre area in 360 degree spatial setting with a sense of 3D.

-Okay.. That good looking guy really has a talent.
He's drawing a pic of me.. ehh.. no.. The Great Blue Mosque.
And his drawing is beautiful.. Actually he just sketched..

-In front of Hagia Sophia. raining..

- Again in front of Aya Sophia and scenic fountain.
Aya sophia was once a church,a mosque and now a museum.

-Zagazigian team. The Best and The always crowd attention group..
--> Ana-Kak Una-Mizah-Intan-Hana-Izyan

-Inside the Topkapi Palace. With Hanatarius.

-Searching for the key.. hehehe..
I changed my mind. I dont want to marry a prince anymore. The Palace is soooooo large. Easily get lost. And it might take 2 hours just to meet my prince. Sigh!!

-A hollow tree.

- Still inside the palace..

-Outside the library of the palace

-Inside the Blue Mosque. Subhanallah..
Glimmering chandelier add the mistique of the Mosque.

-The yard of the Blue Mosque.

-On the way to Galata Tower.
Once used by army to control the Bosphorus sea.

- View from top of Galata Kulesi(tower)

-At Bursa to play SNOW!!!!!!

- My snowman..
I love snow!

-Taksim Square. Quite expensive.
But still berlambak je beli..
Them.. not me!

-Eyub.. Tombs of Pasha(general). The hill's full with tombs of so many generation.
On Top of the hill were restaurant and hotels.
Need to take a cabel car to the top.

The view from the top of the hill.
Kelakar kan. Bawah kubur. Atas tempat peranginan.

Grand Bazaar. Ceramics..
Pakcik yg gatal.. but its okay.
He gave a good price.

-Hari Sahabat in Turkey.

-Sahlep. A traditional drink.
On top is kulit kayu manis.
Followed by yogurt mixed with orchid's herb.

p/s : waiting---> Sir Mehmed, History of Istanbul, Unforgetable moments..

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