Friday, February 19, 2010

Seani Sevierim Turkiye..---> SIR MEHMED

My last entry's suck!
With grammatical error + spelling + micro pics..
My following entry will be uploaded with pictures too..

This very fatherly man named Mehmed.
In front of him we call him Sir, but behind we call him uncle.

A turkish but live in London for already 4 years.
40 years old. Single.
A Manager of a Thai Restaurant in London.

Where was this man came from?
We met him in a metro on the way to Topkapi Palace.
Actually Topkapi Palace's in Sultanahmet, not in Topkapi.
In other words, we were in a wrong direction.

So,the only option we had is to visit Panorama Museum in Topkapi.
Fortunately he's going to the museum too.
And he volunteer to take us there and explain what he knew.
(Free touristguide)
Hahaha.. Our colleges from other places paid 35USD for halfday touristguide and we got it for free!
By the way Sir Mehmed studied History & Political Science.
And he knew a LOT about all the amazing infos that you might not find in books.
All the explanations in the museum were in Turkish.
If we didn't met Sir Mehmed, we just wasting our money then.

After museum-ing.. He gave us his map, all his brochures for us.
And we also exchanged phone number.

Until one day, when we decided to visit GALATA TOWER, we called him for direction.
He seemed very worried. But we managed find the tower .
Until we met him again on the way to Mahmud Pasa.
He brought us there..
By the way. . Mahmud Pasa is the real place for shopping!
Get your mental ready before u go crazy there.

And after that, we went to Eyub..
A hills of dead. On top of it were restaurants and hotels.
We took a cabel car.
The view from the top was awesome! At night..
He introduced us some traditional drinks and food named sahlep.
It's delicious.
About the food..
looks like pancake with cheese and spinach inside it..

We finished about 10 p.m.
Very kindly, he escorted us until in front of our hotel to make sure we safe.
And extra kindly, he helped me with my shopping luggage! hihi..

The next day which was the last day,he came to our hotel to say goodbye to us.
We'll miss u Sir Mehmed..

May Allah Bless You.


adik_mirah said...

baiknya dia...

.: Keyri + Atiqah:. said...

credits to Sir Mehmed..
intan, he's just like english people..
kwn2 keyri yg g UK ri tu ckp, org2 UK so damn nice..baek gilerr beb!
tp xsume la, for sure la kn..
but mostly they're all so kind..
kami plan nk g UK taun dpn..nk merasainye kehidupan luar ngra cz duk sni cam biase jeee..h0h0h0h0

intannuratiqahmohamadyunus said...


mmg rezki kitorg jumpe die..

nk g UK?

xnak ajak kitorg ke?

Tan Sri Dato' Dr.Khairul™ said...

aku suka post ko yg ni..nak tau tak kenape?? sbb......ade gambar aku masuk sekali...wakakakaka~

intannuratiqahmohamadyunus said...

ceit.. sebab itukah ko suka post ni?
xpe2,nanti aku buat post khas tuk ko nak? aku taruk semuaaaa gambar ko. kalau nak taruk video pun boleh.. amacam? mesti ko suke kan? aku suka buat kawan aku happy.. hehehe