Thursday, October 29, 2009

kami kamikaze..

from K.Sha's hp

before that..kamikaze=doing something without any plan,just try your luck. In Malay, 'main terjah' je...

Yesterday,28 oct, me and Kak Sha went to Cairo to settle our zakat application. Yes,we've already went to cairo many times last year, BUT with escort..our seniors or musyrif. So,we never cared about how to go to cairo ourselves. 100% depending on them. Plus, i always have problems with remembering places. In PASUM,Anis Maisarah must fetch me to class almost for the 1st 2 months because i couldn't remember how to go to class from my college. Those who knows me already aware of this. Its my weakness..and i can't help it..

Back to the story,nobody can escort us that day.And we must go on that day because safarah only available for students on monday and wednesday only and the application deadline is on 30th October. So,I told Kak Sha to just kamikaze..bantai jelah..sesat2 pun kat cairo jugak.
But if we lost,how can they find us in the city of the number of citizen of Malaysia? Yes.. the population in Cairo is equal to the citizen of Malaysia. Kak Sha seems scared at first,but i convinced her.

I always kamikaze in my life.. that's what i call thrill!!! baru mencabar. So, I get to know places. Just like when I was in Malaysia,when Piah held open house. My dad never let me drive in K.L and Slangor.So,I know zero about the roads.but that day,Pot and me kamikaze. See...we succeed!

Back to the story again..
we took tremco at 7a.m.. just went with te flow..Urghh.. the man sat behind me really irritating!
i shared stories with Kak Sha.. and she slept!
At Raba'ah,we took taxi to sabik at shabrawy..
from there,we should we start..where to find rumah perak?hmm... bantai jelah. With some directions from seniors,and after a little merayau2,there...we found it!
Oppss...there were ustazs from my place and we knew they recognized us because he was the one who left me and Kak Sha at Matrouh. Kak Sha's face already flushing..

After settling all the bussinesses at Rumah Perak,we moved to safarah..
Okay,how to go to safarah? relax..we took bus number 359 after waited almost half an hour. we finally reached destination after about an hour journey.. UNFORTUNATELY,all the officers had meeting on that day and we had to wait until late evening.. And my fever was getting worse. and worse. We still haven't ate anything.. And we still didn't know how to get back to zagazig from there.Lucky us! We met our Zagaziq seniors. No more energy for another kamikaze.. Allah knows that i couldnt take anymore drama with my fever.

We finished our bussiness before seniors so we decided to find some place to eat.
hahaha..Kamikaze for food is my,no problem at all! We chose hadrul mout restaurant.I suggested Kak Sha that we should share but she refused because she was damn hungry. She was sooo suprised to see the size of the plate.. served her right! tadi tamak sangat!hahaha(main2 je).. org arab pun share. ni kitorg 2 org pempuan satu sorang.
24 genih per plate. Yes,we were overloaded..

We went back to sabik and visit Rumah Kedah and rested there,took some sleep..
And my voice almost totally gone. Alhamdulillah,semua urusan selesai.. and sampai zagazig hampir pukul 12 tgh malam..dahla tak bawak sweater,kesejukan sepanjang 2 jam perjalanan..
Esoknye,x g kuliah coz demam terlampau dan dipaksa makan ubat(ikhlas..)

p/s : 2-3 hari ni asyik mimpi makanan Malaysia.. Lai,i always remember your promise..

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sepet yamauchi said...

ingat makan jer yer??
blik jmpe aku..
cri aku smpai jmpe..
klw nk msuk kubur..
korek2..pgl aku gak...

~aku ingt la ape aku janji...