Friday, October 22, 2010


I guess its been a week since i read this blog. Shockly, the blog's gone today. I've done several things just to read his blog again. I even searched him on FB. But tettttttttttttttttttttttt... I got wrong person. It was so embarassing! Beriya tanya kenapa x boleh bukak blog? sekali,
"maaf, saya rasa saudari salah org. sy xde blog." Erkkk!!!!

Honestly, i dont have any idea who the hell is this guy. But i like his writing. Just like the story of my life..Mostly, i like his latest entry. Infact, i already asked for his permission to copy & paste it in my blog.But right after that, since he changed his url, or delete his blog or whatsoever, i couldn't serve it any longer. FORTUNATELY, with the help of google reader, tadaaaaaa....... 

yup,i am your stalker since

since that day.
i will follow your updates.
when you didn't update.
i feel that i lost you.
when you did update
i feel *fuhhh...
(owh that's what you were doing for this while)

then when you did update
but with intimate comments from your latest guy.

i felt a hurt in my heart.
its good to see you are happy.
but its not good to see you are happy with other guy.
but i still could feels better if you are happy at any case.

post ini khas untuk kamu.
hanya kamu tahu siapa kamu.
saya hanya mahu kamu tahu apa dlm
kepala sy skang...
be happy k.

p/s : 
-Look at those small notes below the entry, aren't they sweet??
- Credit to ---> "Aku Senbei"


sepet yamauchi said...

hanya kamu tahu siapa kamu.
be happy k?

intannuratiqahmohamadyunus said...


sepet yamauchi said...

aku repeat blik note bawah tu la~
but,hanya kamu tahu siapa kamu tu betol la...
sebab,org lain xkan tau diri kte yg sebenar...