Monday, September 14, 2009

Don't trust the man if......

They say there is no right or wrong in love. Everything is fair in love! They said.. but NOT ME!
To be cruel, I’ll say there’s no real love these days. And I don’t really believe in couple. It’s not that I’m a lesbian. Now,you are the cruel one if you ever think of me like that while you read this! Everytime I mentioned my opinion to my friends, usually they made a face. I’m not sure whether the expression was because they didn’t believe I never couple before or scared that maybe I’m a lesbian. Well,I’ll definitely kill them if they ever think of the 2ND possibility! They also say, “Intan,jangan cakap besar,nanti menyesal. Tengok2 kau yg lebih2 nanti.Ko tak rase ko tak tau!” All I can do was laughing. But I could feel my stomach shrunken. They are right. It’s karma. So, watch your mouth Intan!

Actually,I don’t have much problems in trusting girl but guy…sigh!! It hurts to watch my girl friend being fooled by their boyfriend. Sometimes, it is damn obvious that the guy is just playing. Again, OBVIOUS!! To make it worse, the girl knows she’d been played, but she prefers to pretend it never happens. Guess what? Their reason is ‘love’.. I think they read to much love story novels or watch Hindustan movies. Hahaha..
So, my greatest advise is,don’t couple! Then,you are safe from being hurt. But if you can’t help it, look for these following signs. Don’t trust the man if..

1. They hit women = Urghh..this is the worse man that you must avoid! It doesn’t matter with whom-mother,sister or friend. Because there’s no warranty that you will not get the same fate in the future. Man who use violence against women is totally a coward. Women are made to be protected. Not harmed!!

2. They ask for your money = I’d love to call them ‘dayus’. Even if they ask you top-up their cell phone, don’t do it! Forsure NOT if they want to borrow your money. They are just using you. Shameless! Or should I call them gigolo? Wow,that really suits!

3. Already call you ‘honey,saying,darling,manje..’ at your early stage of relationship= Trust me,they are not serious!Can you see why? Just imagine how many girls that they’d call with that names. Is it so easy to call you sayang? If they call you with those, just ignore it. Just continue your conversation normally. But,never ever call them with those names! It shows you are so easy for their games!

4. Talk something obscene about you= they should respect you. Talking such things about you will just soil your dignity. Owh.. I hate this type of man!@*(#&^*($. That means they don’t think that you are a good girl. You’re bitch!

5. Dare to touch you = Again,it’s about respect.!As a muslim, he should know what is forbidden. How dare he touch you! That is so….. I don’t know what to say!


P/S : I really appreciate your opinion or any suggestion,or addition to this post especially for the girls. Feel free to speak!


fa-aja-aja said...

hehe..tat's so true!

. said...

btol2. haha.
saya menyokong anda.

Aiman Yee said...

seems pretty harsh dear..
it is true for some guys..
but myb not 4 all of them..
it is good to not couple just as mentioned by u..
but sumtimes when u have reached the stage where u cant even actually avoid it dear..
oh my..
it really sounds like..
"it is always easy to say..but in the end it is hard to be done.."
it is not wrong 4 all the girls to give trust to guys..
as 4 their role in this world as the 'khalifah'..
and also we do rely on each other as we do need friends from other gender in our very beautiful n happy life..
but at the same time..
add up some awareness..
that is what matters most as girls tend to forget that..
dont just restrict yourselves from making friends with guys and have a relationship with the one u like just because that your friends have been experiencing a very bad relationship with their couple..
myb it is just not your friend's best choice..
relationship is actually depends on us to make it right..
starting from the day we met them, knowing them, and other action regarding this matter..
it is us who make the difference..
search and seek for those which have a very good religion background for the very first criteria..
as for this has been recommended by our own beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)..
following with other criterias which matches our needs like their wealth, looks, etc.
and so for this..
if it is possible to fasten the marriage between u n the chosen guy..
do make it quick as this can secure both u n him..
but in the end of my opinion..
i do agree that as long as if u do still can avoid being couple..
please do AVOID it..
as we do have a very long journey of life and at the same time..
many things in this world that can we explore before the time we were declared as husband and wife..
so my advice is that..
have fun n enjoy ur life while u r in the middle of your youth days so that u wouldn't regret of not having the experience of youthjoyness.. :)

nadiah said...

there is nothing special bout couple..
u r true dear...
im totally agree wif u...

tqah mamat said...

balak ak ok je.. hahahhahahaa
jgn jeles.. lalalala~

Nazeera Balqis said...

hahaha,tiqah mamat x ble bla.
emm,intan i'm agreed with all the points.there is a true love intan..please do believe that.i knew,deep in ur heart,u r craving for that.kan,kan..hehe.u just scared that ur fate will be same as some of ur unlucky friend.only that u still didnt find it.its just a matter of time.relax.someday,that 'love' will come without you being expected that.u didnt even know that was 'it'.and i just want to roll on the floor when i think of u as a lesbian?gosh,that was so utterly ridiculous.the thing is,a man that hit the women i think must have a mental problem.yes!please avoid this man immediately if they have ever laid a hand on u.i thought that was the worse above of all.and intan,what goes around,comes around.someday,hehe..u will remember what i said about that true that time,i will give u a look 'i-told-you-so'..u got that?;)

Nazeera Balqis said...

who is this aiman yee?pendapat yg bgus.

intannuratiqahmohamadyunus said...

Tqah Mamat memang xbleh blah!!
Blahla Tqah..(Walaupun mcm terasa mengata diri sendiri just sbb nama sama)

Qis,'true love'?hahaha..I think true blood is more logic than true love!hahaha.. OMG Qis,craving for that?that is kelakar!!!!!!I am relax Qis.I'm not searching for that thing. For now,i just want to make friends.Ko kan kenal aku,aku berani dekat rumah je,mengada2 kat rumah je,bile dpn2,hehehe..Tp,Gerard butler is still mine! One thing about man that u have to agree is,diorg ni pandai cakap je.Last2 2x5!Cuma sekarang,aku xnak garang2 mcm dulu.haha..Aku ni kan muka lembut..Anyway Qis,I'm waiting for your 'i told u so' look!

Owh,about Aiman Yee,he's a friend of mine who really like to argue with me but sadly I can't event oppose what he says because he got the point..Eventhough i'm still not agree,i still can't deny it because he is..arghh..i hate to say this.. He's right! Wek!!

intannuratiqahmohamadyunus said...

Owh Qis,Selamat hari raya sayang..
Kak Sha jugak!

Nazeera Balqis said...

hahahahaha,i'm also cant wait to give u the look 'i told u so'hahaha.n Gerard Butler has declared that i am his true love.huahua.yes,Aiman Yee is right intan.u dont have a strong point denying him.hehe.selamat hari raya u..

intannuratiqahmohamadyunus said...

Eweee.... I don't think he'll do that eventhough he lost his mind!
hahahaha..Remember my pic with him?that's the proof!hahaha.. Mati aku kalau ade ustaz baca ni!hahaha..
U better remember this Qis,Gerard is mine! Yesterday,today,and forever. Dia sanggup bermadu dgn brandon routh,robert pattinson,taylor lautner etc.. As long as he's by my side!hahaha..

I do have the point.. But,i just can't express it!