Thursday, January 7, 2010


Above is a link to My Beloved Husband X Jadi -Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.
He wrote something about Chinese Mathematics using abacus (sempoa).

During his glorious era, he once asked his Ministry of Education to use the method for primary school. Using abacus, student able to mentally multiply or divide big figures almost instantaneously. They know how to use the abacus for quick calculations. When asked to add, subtract, multiply or divide, they mentally move the beads of the computer in their minds. That way they were able to almost immediately give the answers.

But, since his retirement, he no longer knows the progress. But, he still thinks that this method can help our children. So, he suggested
Prof Xu Si Zhong (with a better method) in his blog for whoever interested in this method,even from private sector. He even gave a contact number.
Like Tun mentioned, forsure there will be parents who would like to send their children to learn math using this method few hours in a week.

And..I've been thinking, this would be a great idea. I think my family should open one. Not now, maybe later on. After my parents' retirement maybe. That will be 5 years from now. My mom is a workaholic lady. She can't sit at home doing nothing or she'll fall sick! I know my mom has her own plan with her bussiness or whatsoever. I don't think this little plan will disturb her. My father is different.. I persuade him to open a bowling centre after his retirement. And he agreed. But he only want 2 lane to be opened. I asked 'why'?
He smiled and said "One for kakak and another one for adik"
Okay.. he's not interested.

Mom used to sent balang, adik & I to abacus class.. when i waas in standard 3. I 'WAS' very good at it. And i can even beat the calculator. Tapi ilmu tanpa amal x guna kan. Dah lupa dah. Sayangnyaaaa........

We can train or hire a few potential teacher and open a class in Putrajaya (are we going to settle down in putrajaya?) or where ever,doesn't matter. Help the children.. Improve our Malaysian student's quality. Help the Malay of course. Takkan melayu hilang di dunia.
I really hope by that time
Prof Xu Si Zhong is still alive! hehehe.. Macamlah xde org lain yg tau kan..

Hehehe.. In,you are sooo good at berangan! Tapi xpe, kalau manusia x berangan, sampai sekarang kita x dapat terjah angkasa.. X merasalah naik kapal terbang.. X sampailah ke mesir ni.. X dapatlah ke turki..



nadiah said...

eala tue intan...
but, tat is totally u....
takkan melayu hilang di dunia....

nadiah said...

orait laa tue..
at least privasi cket..
ko men kalu
abah ko bkak 2 lane jer...

nadiah said...
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