Thursday, March 4, 2010

All depend on you!

Failure, success, joy, happiness, sadness,

Actually depend on us, ourselves.

We are the one who determine it.

If u think that u are beatiful, the whole world will see the same.

If u think that u are smart, the whole universe will aware of that.

If u think u are strong enough, then nobody will try to harm u.

If u think the problem is small, then the big one is not a matter anymore.

The most important thing is,

the confidence that u should place in your heart,

with some nice smooth efforts,

and the world will be ruled the way u want it!

But u just have to act like one!!!

p/s :
those who understand any of these, please raise up ur hand. anyone? anyone? okay, no one! sigh...........


fa-aja-aja said...

faham bah!

intan yang kartun!

adik_mirah said...

i'm understand it very well..hehe..i'm sure both of us knows it...

nadiah said...

maximize ur cnfdence level....
rule the world with ur own way...

airainara said...

inspiring me a lot! nice 1~ ;D