Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My friend had a color blindness..

Ishihara's Test

Hahahahha.. always laugh by myself when i recall all of our conversation. So funny!
I had a friend, and my friend had one problem! My friend couldn't see green colour very well.
Yup!! My friend had a colour blindness.

But guess what? my friend's major was optometry! haahaha.. I always teased my friend and my friend was very annoyed of me. hahaha.. When i laughed at my friend, my friend said that the dean can see no problem with that. Colour blindness give no effect to the course. But, its kind of funny right? Jahatnya gelakkan orang..

When we chat, my friend always get mad at me as i always used green font.. Then i chose a bold,black and size 18 font. With all mean,just to make my friend curse me.. HAHAHHA.. I enjoyed doing that! Seriously..

Okay, focus on the topic.. COLOR BLINDNESS..

-It's a hereditary disorder which affect males(8%) more than females(0.4%).

-Young Helmholtz classified colour blindness into -->
  • TRICHROMATE : Patient has 3 cones but 1 of them is weak
  1. Protanomaly-weakness in red color perception.
  2. Deuteronomaly-weakness in green color perception (My Friend)
  3. Triatonomaly-weakness in blue color perception.

  • DICHROMATE : 1 cone is absent. Patient can't perceive certain color.
  1. Protanopia - Cone of red color absent
  2. Deuteranopia - Cone of green color absent
  3. Tritanopia - Cone of blue color absent

  • MONOCHROMATE : only 1 cone system. All they can see is various degrees of grey color.


  1. Color Matching Test
Patient is given group of coloured tufted wool and is asked to seperate similar coloured pieces together.

2. Ishihara's Chart Test
(Driving school use this)

Colored printed figures & each figure is printed by many different colored small circles on a background of colored circles also. Patient may read number 5 as number 2.
I don't know how my friend got motorcycle license..

3. Edridge Green Lantern Test

Patient has to identify the color of small iluminated area the size of which can be varied.


Today, when the doctor asked " any other questions?", I quickly raised my hand up;
"Doctor, is there any treatment for color blindness?"

Well, my doctor explained that most of color blindness cases is congenital disease(since born).
And congenital disease has no cure. Suddenly i felt pity for my friend.

But, other than that, such as jaundice which may effect colour vision can be treated as the jaundice is treated. But then, I searched the wikipedia and found this,

"In September 2009, the journal Nature reported that researchers at the University of Washington and University of Florida were able to give trichromatic vision to squirrel monkeys, which normally have only dichromatic vision, using gene therapy.[31]"

But hey, that is squirrel monkeys.. not human.. Maybe in the future, who knows?

Then, in Biochemistry lab, Syifak approached me and said,
" Intan,nanti Intan carilah ubat rawat color blindness untuk kawan intan."

p/s: But Syifak, that friend 'WAS' a friend..

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