Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Today,after a long histology revision class, Atiqah & I AS USUAL went to the midway shop to buy our new favourite drink-musbilaban (okey,u can laugh for the spelling) which is banana milk.

Things went normal. everyhthing was calm..
Suddenly,everyone scattered.
We were still blured. what the hell is happening?
we only captured the situation when we saw few of the boys punched each other. their gangs came about 50 of them!
They took whatever their hand could catch-
broom,wood,rod of steel,anything!

OMG, i saw one of them caught a big stone and ready to hit this one's head with head.
Its getting near...and...
Thank God,one of his friends stopped him
or else this will be the last day he see this world and prepare to see another world.

Wait,we were about in the middle of them!
everyone was fighting around us.
The 'ammu' who made our banana milk left the counter with a wood in his hand,
trying to stop them,but at last he only watched.
Well,what could he do in a temper of 50 youth?

Slowly..we stepped back, and i stood behind Atiqah.
Damn,I was scared! then, I braved myself to stood beside Atiqah.

Alhamdulillah,not long after that two policemen came to control the situation.
And the ammu appologized for the unwanted scene.

We sat on a bench and enjoy our food.
Owh..forgot to mention,Atiqah bought Toba' Batotis.
Beside us was a group of girl.
staring at us and finally talked to us.
At the end of the conversation,i realized that the girl was questioning us for a guy at the end of the bench.
Sorry Tiqah, I didn't get the opputurnity to tell u this..

Sebenarnya itu je nak cerita. motifnye pun x taulah.. cume nak gambarkan betapa takutnya tgk org arab bergaduh. depan mata plak tu. Ngeri....


myn said...

NO k0men....

intannuratiqahmohamadyunus said...

no comment!
itu pn kire komen gak pe..!!