Friday, May 22, 2009

Movie's director out there,call me now at 011-*******

Two days ago, I had an Anatomy Exam
So,i got my head fully used days before.
Guess what,i decided to faint exactly after the exam.
(Of course at home! I'm not crazy enough to sleep at the examination building!!)

So, I took a very nice long sleep at the evening
which was long enough for me to have a movie's like dream.
it's kinda horror or thriller movie, i mean dream!
Without purporse,somehow i messed with this bad spirit.
Spirit of a lady. SO,since that day, people around me start to die one by one in a terrific way.

One day,i went to see a house. There,i met a guy who was surveying the house too.
i cant remember his name.let say he was Adam. We exchange our phone number.
That night, i got a call.I saw Adam's name on my screen so i took it. But it's not Adam. A female's voice. Again,i cant remember any detail about it.
All i knew was,the next day Adam's dead. Jumped off a building with his head full of blood.Probably from a knife.
Police came to my house to question me since i was the last person with him & i'm the last person he called. Then only i noticed, all people around me died after hung out with me. And i got call from them after that,but with the same female's voice.

Few days later,i got a call from one of my friend.
OMG,i just hung out with her the day before. I refused to take the call. I dont want her to die too. The image of the spirit of the lady keep haunting me as long as i didnt took the call.
i was sooo tense. People's dying around me,the spirit ,and police at my house 24-7.
i nearly got myself killed by stamping a knife at my head. They took me to hospital and concluded i had some mental problem,literally mean i commit the murder but i was sick.

The only way out from this dream was.......

So,what do you think?
Just like a movie right? Mcm cerita hantu korea pun ade!hehehe..
So,for directors out there,if you like my line of story@dream, contact me straight away okay?
You can make your own ending,i just want my share in the profit. Bussiness thinking..

P/s: i have another movie's like dream. for the next post maybe..


sepet yamauchi said... nk commnt...
lawak kowt ko....
leh plak mimpi cmni...
bnyk sgt pkir ker??
aq nk gtw 1 rhsia..
tp jgn gtw spe2...
ko nk tau x?
aq la yg call ko 2...

intannuratiqahmohamadyunus said...
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intannuratiqahmohamadyunus said...

rindulah kat ko lai!
rindu sgt! tp xde mase!
x sabar balik msia beb..
laa..ko ke yg call?
patutlah scary semacam je..
cop3..ha'ahlah..ade rupa & bakat!!

sepet yamauchi said...

jaat ko...
aq muke cam princess dara lam cite the princess-awek anothai...
(jgn jelez,ni kwn aq yg ckp bkn aq)
sore sedap gle ckp scary...
aq pown miz ko damnly much lar..
nt ko blik cntct aq tau...
miz sgt2...