Monday, December 14, 2009


Belows are some idioms created by me and Qis on Saturday during biochemistry lecture..
Out of nothing, Qis wrote something on her book and said,
"Intan,pernah dengar x ni? ---> BETTER reign in hell THAN serve in heaven?"
And I said,
"Owh, just like this one ---> BETTER be the head of a dog THAN tail of a lion"

And the journey began..

Qis : BETTER safe THAN sorry

Me : BETTER late THAN never

Qis : BETTER say THAN nothing

Me : BETTER be Intan THAN Balqis *This is sooo true! hi hi..

** Piah grabbed the book from us and wrote something.. Aha.. 1 more 'Shakespear'!
She returned the book ... Ans I was like laughing to death but tried damn hard to control it.


Okay.. She's right. We better stop. But not for long. Qis' creativity couldn't be stopped!

Qis : BETTER try THAN give up

Qis : BETTER die THAN all paralysis

Oh nooo.. I couldn't stop myself too!!

Me : BETTER be loved THAN just loving

Qis : BETTER confess THAN one-sided love

Qis : BETTER die THAN confess *pulak dah??

Qis : BETTER sweet THAN handsome *betul betul betul!

Qis :
BETTER movies THAN sleep *but not me

Me :
BETTER Jacob Black THAN Edward Cullen *Qis, Jacob is mine in my dream and reality. X caye tgk kat baldi aq.

Qis :
BETTER ask THAN lost *Qis asked for my snack

Qis :
BETTER dwarfism THAN cretinism *I don't like both

Me :
BETTER grateful THAN demanding

Me : BETTER shopping THAN stress

Me : BETTER full THAN starving

Me : 2 is BETTER THAN 1 *Lagu Boys like girls feat Taylor Swift.. Tetiba masuk skali..

Qis :
BETTER bitchy THAN hypocrite

Me : BETTER Paris Hilton THAN Britney Spears

Me : BETTER Tomok THAN Lady Gaga *Pot suggested Tomok. She said,'Tomok tu sengau2 pun sedap gak suara die'

Me :
BETTER Malaysia THAN Egypt

Qis : BETTER cadaver THAN lecture *Of course la qis..

Me :
BETTER 'whateva' THAN 'talk to the hand!'

Me : BETTER baba THAN Mama Kauthar *Cekik darah, cekik tengkuk, cekik segalanya!!

Qis :
BETTER wedges THAN high heels

Qis : BETTER naked THAN bikiny *Apakah???

Qis :
BETTER Zagazig THAN Cairo

Me : BETTER Jebat THAN Tuah *But both my Jebat and Tuah are awesome!!

Me :
BETTER BVLgari THAN The Body Shop

Me :
BETTER winter THAN summer

Qis : BETTER cherry chapstick THAN colorless *takdalah macam org tu merah x?

Me :
BETTER gedik THAN dull

Qis : BETTER voluptious THAN plain

Qis : BETTER illusion THAN reality

Me : BETTER Dato' THAN Atuk!

Me : BETTER si kacak hari rabu THAN batuk bergaya

Me : BETTER ultraseven (my group) than Trojan *stupid virus that attacked my lappy!

Thats the end to our creativity.We did this for the whole day.. Hehe..
And we both agreed to upload these in our blog.
For student,do not use any of these in your essay!

P/s : It is a very good thing to sleep after crying..

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Nazeera Balqis said...

haha cherry chapstick tu x ble bla..well,intan idk the real causes for why u r crying,but u'd make the environment seemed gloomy..hehe