Friday, December 11, 2009


  • Lappy in progress.. unfortunately, i'm not a electronic's doctor. Really miss my lappy,songs,my movies, etc..
  • My group (ultra 7) got 3rd place in fatayat game today. And won the best group!
  • I lost futsal.. But sorry to piah and nisa.. I know i was rough. I think that is because I always play with my brothers!! hehe.. sorry!
  • Now i can feel my muscles aching.. nak jalan pun susah.. dah lama x exercise. Serve me right!
  • Anatomy test tomorrow and physiology on monday.. =( What a wonderful world.....
  • Appointment with doctor on monday.
p/s: We're 7, we're hot, we're everything you're not!
I said Ice..!!

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