Sunday, December 6, 2009

My New Buah Hati..

I just got my new love this evening.. They are now part of my life.
I allow them to have a space in my heart.
Now,i can spend my lonely time with them. They can make me smile by just looking at them. =)

They are my goldfishes!!
This passion just came out suddenly out of nothing..
I bought 2 fishes ---> black and gold (both are goldfishes)
I already named them!

"HANG TUAH(gold) & HANG JEBAT (black)"

In fact, I dont know whether they are akhwat(female) or ikhwah(male). Hihi..

I am still new at this, so i made some research about them and how to take care..
And I would to share some info about my Jebat and Tuah..

My Buah Hati Pengarang Jantung

  • Type - Fantail
  • Country of origin - China & Japan (Asia)
  • Have either metallic or nacreous scales and normal or telescope eyes. Its finnage are less well developed.
  • The anal and caudal fins are well divided into two matching halves.
  • sensitive to prolonged exposure to low water temperatures. Keeping Fantails in an aquarium requires an ideal temperature ranging between 55 to 70°F (13 to 21°C).
  • ** It's winter now, should I provide him with heater? He might feel cold at night..


  • Type - Black Moor/ Veiltailed
  • Country of origin - China & Japan (Asia)
  • Black Moors (Carassius auratus) have deep bodies and long, flowing finnage, along with characteristic protruding eyes.
  • They are veiltailed and possess metallic scales with a velvet-like appearance. Young Moors resemble bronze fantails.
  • Able to withstand a wide variety of temperatures but cannot withstand extreme temperatures.
  • ** Sigh.. Relief.. At least Jebat is tougher than Tuah! =)

Mereka ini sangat nakal.. Bersilat je kejenye.


FYI, goldfish has a very strong social learning skill & assoaciative learning abilities!
Their strong visual acuity allows them to distinguish between specific humans. It is quite possible that owners will notice the fish react favorably to them (swimming to the front of the glass, swimming rapidly around the tank, and going to the surface mouthing for food) while hiding when other people approach the tank.
Suprisingly,they can distinguish between 2 voices,means, they can recognize their owner just by voice!

Thanx to Piah for helping me with my Jebat & Tuah. BTW, Piah is their so called 'mak angkat'.
I need to learn more about how to take care of them. I 'used' to have a friend who really know how to pet a fish.. Unfortunately, we're not friend anymore.. =(

p/s : To my housemie, sila buat tak tahu jika anda terdengar saya bercakap sorg2.. Itu tandanya saya sedang bermanja dgn Tuah & Jebat..


fa-aja-aja said...

aku nk rakam senyap2 suara ko bacakap dgn jebat tuah tuh..msti ko cakap benda2 pelik kan,,takpun bhasa ko sndiri dgn ikan2 tuh.

oo buah hati pengarang jantung ye? ye?..hehehehehe[senyuman jahat]

intannuratiqahmohamadyunus said...

aku cakap bahasa ikan la..
ko x paham punye. pot,ko ni slalu jeles dgn ikan2 aku. nak goreng la..nak apela..

knp ade senyuman jahat di situ?
oh ye..esok saya nak pergi bakan n9!!
(ni baru senyuman jahat!)

~n-F-n~ said...

aku ikut intan yer pot.. haha :))

lama jugak tak tgk jebat ngan tuah... haha... mak angkat yang tak bertanggungjawab.. whateva it is, i know my anak angkat diberi makan.. hehe...