Thursday, December 3, 2009

Girl's Day out!!!

Last Monday,me & my friend went to cairo to have some fun!
Lets the pics speak for themselves..

Freezing.. Sejuk betul. Seperti biasa, i didn't bring any coat.

Geng bergambar hari itu..
Intan & EZ

These snowballs were soooo cute! With camel inside.
Feel like buying but 58L.e??
Baru je ingat nak tambah koleksi..

Eat.. eat..and eat..
Sian Mizah & Pot

There.. City Star!

Can you read that? Cholesterol free!!
But i took 3 cheese burgers (combo!)

This Shoppaholic bought nothing on that day.
Sebab asyik fikir pasal bvlgari perfume..


Red carpet.. red carpet..

p/s : There is one condition if u want me to turn u myself.. *siapa yg tahu sila sambung~~

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