Sunday, December 20, 2009

Panjatkan kesyukuran..Alhamdulillah~~

Slept 12 hours so i wouldn't think too much of it,
Couldn't concentrate in class for the whole day,
Keep reading last year books,
not myself.. Couldnt't figure out what's happening around (didn't care)
Thanx to Allah.
All are answered!
Such a relief..

  • Thanx to one of my housemie for your company and motivation
  • Thanx to my adik sayang for your worries and keeping the secret. btw,we had a nice gossip just now!
  • Thanx to Sado Yamagata for your touching entry, for your prayers, and always there for me.
  • SORRY to mom and dad for not telling you. Everything is okay.. I'll tell u one day.

p/s: ALHAMDULILLAH................


Nazeera Balqis said...

apa tu intan..x bgtau pn..

adik said...

hmm..nsib baik ok...
buatrsau je tau!!!!!
adik pun ade hot gossip ni..