Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Negeri Sembilan..

Yesterday i went to Negeri 9. No.. I mean Rumah Negeri 9 in Cairo.
We spent all day long there.. Tired of course.

We left home at 7.30 am and returned at about 10 p.m.
This was my first time to Negeri 9. And there was an afficer who's in charge to take care of us, and we call him 'ayah' (dad). Wait.. What's his name? That never cross my mind to ask his name!
hihihi.. Anyone know?

I did brought camera to snap few pics.. But only the camera. Without the BATTERY!
Pandainyeeeeeeeeeee.. I charged it the night before and really forgot to claim it!

Ayah was and is a nice,polite,very 'fatherly' and star star!
Hmmm.. Ayah interviewed us 1 by one. When it cames to my turn, guess what happened?
I became the interviewer and ayah was the interviewee! Hahaha..
I talked a lot! I asked him about his job, his house in Malaysia, his wife, his childrens.. and even his grandchildren! His first child is in Manchester,a doctor and has 2 childrens i guess.
2nd child.. hmm.. Lecturer or what..hmm..forgot!
3rd child.. ayah only said he's enganged.
4th child still in university.in 2nd year..
We talked a lot of other things too.. Until he said..
"eh..eh.. Back to our topic!" (my application for zakat)
Ha ha ha.. Kelakar2!

I applied zakat only for my subsistence since i already have JPA for my fees.(Alamdulillah..)
Please pray for my application. Plz...........!!!

Then,we went to Rumah Kelantan restaurant for lunch. We ordered a tonnes of foods and all the ustaz's' seems suprised with our girl's appetite from zagazig! Hehehe..
I ordered kuetiaw goreng special with Piah. We were the only 2 left without food and suddenly the ustaz told us kuetiaw 'sold out' ?? Kaciwaaaa!! Yg lain siap tambah 2 kali lagi!
So,i ordered nasi goreng kampung. And bungkus bihun goreng. Its a revenge!
Tapi x boleh nak cakap ape la..mmg sedap pun ustaz masak! Nyum..nyum!

And on the way back, we visited a pet shop. Tqah wanted a hamster and i think Tuah & Jebat need a companion but a small tortoise. But its sooo expensive so forget it!

Haihh.. Ape bende nak criter sebenarnya ni? saje je nak update blog..
Just a one day episode of my life.

1) Sorry Kak Ika for the screaming to death women.. (My msg tone)
2) Damn Virus!!!!!!! geram betul! Habis laptop aq!! Need help! =(
3) Adik kate Jepun Ok.. Jepun ok ke?


fa-aja-aja said...

ko tak masukkan ke slot "angan2 terkubur di pekan mahataah"? hehehehe

kenapa dgn jepun tibe2?

apa reaksi kak ika dgr mesej tone tuh..hehe

intanpayung said...

intanpayung said..

arghhhh... persetankan itu semua!
tidak sanggup daku mengingatkannya kembali.. hanya merobekkan hatiku yg lara ini!

Jepunnnnn? jeng jeng jeng! hahaha..
adik aku kata... kakak dan jepun!

kak ika menggeletar2 tangan die cari hp aku mase hp aku bunyi.time tu aku g toilet! hik hik hik..