Monday, May 24, 2010

Jawapan Tag..

So Encik Keyro (Keyri), Here You Go...

Task ----> State 23 things about yourself. Then, tag another 5 people..

  • I'm a genuine student of

Convent Teluk Intan
Rendah & Menengah

  • I really wish one day I'll step my feet at..






  • My stomach LOVESSSSS this..

Betik jalur.

cendol pulut

Carrot slice from secret recipe
My mom said it feels like muntah..

  • Once upon a time, i want to marry...

Tun Dr. Mahathir. But he's married long time ago. Before I was born.

Brandon Routh.
Unfortunately, he's married too!
Owh Why?????!!!!!

Eh, gambar Brunei lagi???????

  • When i'm bored, I'll play

I dont have piano. Just keyboard-YAMAHA

V.O.S- virtual piano

  • On top of my wish list
Bvalgari perfume rosse essentielle.
I asked this from my housemate for my birthday present. But, they give me table lamp.
(which is also what i requested)
price? 320 egyptian pound. hehehe..

  • When I want to say something very quickly..

I'll snap my fingers.

  • When I feel something irritating, or gross, i will...

Scratch my neck!

  • About my hands,fingers,whatever..

only match with princess cut diamond (demanding!!)
Love inai..
I cant cut my nail so short like others, because my nails can easily seperated from my flesh-->
they'll bleed! So, stop asking me to cut my nails..

  • I think that vampires below..

Edward Cullen (Twilight) - a very jiwang vampire! Vampire Jiwang????
Not Cool..
And smells too! Very Not Cool..
FYI, he rarely shower. Thumbs down..
This pic shows all!

Eric (True Blood)
He is always cool.. Even he plays a dark role, but he's smart. Stylo!
but hey, in the 5th novel, he's the hero..
2 thumbs up!

Damon Salvatore (Vampire's diaries)
Ding! Ding! Ding!
He's the HOTTEST! the COOLEST!
Strong, quick, funny,romantic, & gorgeous!!
Haaa..yg lain2 jgn nak ikut sama suka die! Only me & pot allowed!
Susah payah kami cari dia dekat twitter sbb nak stalk dia.
2 Thumbs & Hallucis up!!

  • This is my new sweetheart..

Alexander Rybak.

  • I am..
Slim.. yesterday,today, & forever.. (shut up u readers!)

  • I always do this monologue thing.. talking to myself.

Always imagine someone is talking to me, and I'll reply.
I don't know if my ex-roomate realize it.
So, no wonder if my friends said I'm a good actor (or actress?).
Practise makes perfect!
But, hey, I dont have imaginary friends!!

  • I'm going to be a....
Good Muslim Doctor.. InsyaAllah..

  • I need/want/love big closet because..

I have too much stuff to be kept!

  • I cant sleep at night nowadays. No matter what.. OMG, I love sleeping.. I'm afraid I have..


  • Scented candle is my best company..
Eventhough it almost burn my room. TWICE!!

  • I love theathre. When i was in UM, i always watched theathre held in my college. I would like to watch a real theathre. Can anyone take me?

  • I have this HUGE --->

Noo... not beyonce! Its EGO! gambar beyonce sbb dia ade nyanyi lagu tajuk EGO.
This huge ego of mine always hurts people around me. And myself too..

  • I'm sarcastic. Sometimes i cross the line. sorry!

Feel free to do this task!!

p/s : until now, i still dont understand what is the use and how to use formspring.. sigh!


tqah mamat said...

aku kan dh ajar cara gne formspring tue.

xkan xreti lagi nenek oi? hahahaha

blaja2.. aku dh bg soklan kt formspring ko tuh.. hehe

intannuratiqahmohamadyunus said...

X RETI!!!!!!!!!!!! X RETI!!!!!!!!!!!!
X RETI!!!!!!!!

fa-aja-aja said...

nasib part damon tu ko sertakan nama aku sekali..kalau tak ada nama aku kat sana ko mmg nak kena..aku akan buat hidup ko miserable gile contohnya:

1. lekat gambar drogba banyak2 dengan perlbagai posing dlm bilik ko

2.panggil ko mrs.drogba selama setahun

3.aku edit gmbr ko dan drogba gn photoshop dn jadikan wallpaper kt lptp ko.

4.bagitau balang alamat blog ko lebih2 lg entry yg puji dia tgi melangit

5.sebarkan2 kat ym,fb,skype,formspring yg sbnrnya ko curang kat stefan,baru tu nak rmps damon aku.

hahhahhahhahahha cukup miserable x?

intannuratiqahmohamadyunus said...

humang aih.. siap plan lagi nak buat ape kat aq..

1- why drogba? why not damon?

2- mrs salvatore(damon) suits me well..

3- reti ke edit gambar terer cam aku? nanti aku nak edit gambar aku dgn damon la.. hehehe

4- haip!!!!!

5- stefan & damon soooo in with me. but damon & me just cant resist each other. I think stefan understand that and willingly back off!!!

btw,rilexla..aku dah setuju nak share damon dgn ko. Sharing is caring kan...


fa-aja-aja said...

bluekkk..masalahnya aku tak setuju nak share damon dgn ko.damon tu dr awal aku pnya,ko je tiba2 kacau daun.

eeee xsukenyee ade tengtawan (word bru) macma niiiii.. :P

*aku tgh bygkan if aku letak poster drogba berderet dlm bilik ko siap ada posing baring,lenggok kiri,lenggok kanan,buka bju nmpk pusat,betul2 bole jadi bedtime story ko kan*


intannuratiqahmohamadyunus said...

eiii.. tgk tu,pot nak letak gambar porno kat dlm bilik aku!! its not bedtime story anymore.we call it nightmare!!!

mentang2 lah skali je aku buat kesalahan drogba tu, itu jelah yg ko sebut kan pot!

i dont care! I heart damon! damon heart me! dont come between us,our love! us some mercy. can u??? (melampau x?)