Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lost in Love.. But not them..

No idea for introduction. So, just go straight to the point. I bet u know Air Supply, once so popular ay late 70's & early 80's. The best soft rock duo ever.

And I'm their fan! BIG FAN! There's only two concerts in this world that i would like to attend.
1st=Air Supply, 2nd=Mariah Carey . But Why? Because, i watched one of Air Supply's concert on You-Tube. It was very peaceful concert. Everyone is sitting. Not standing, jumping, & banging their head! Thats why i want to watch them. Crowded & messy concert make me faint.
Hahaha.. one of my friend's said " Mestilah concert dia semua org duduk & aman. U tengoklah org2 yg datang tu. semua tua2. Takkan nak berdiri kot.." He's right.. But I dont care. biarlah.. Tua pun tualah..

Video above entitled LOST IN LOVE, one of hits. But their greatest & most popular songs are All Out of Love and Making Love Out of Nothing At All. Saya pernah gaduh dengan mak sampai nangis2 sebab masa keluar lagu All Out of Love dekat radio, mak pegi tukar siaran. Tapi lepas tu abah marah mak.. hehehe.. But I cried.

But why I chose LOST IN LOVE video to be posted in my entry? because, Russel & Graham are already old. I do have All Out of Love song, but its not powerful as the original one. Dah tak boleh tarik macam dulu2. So,Lost In Love ni key dia rendah sikit, so, masih best..

Glorious Era.. Handsome..

But, the bonus is... It is acoustic version!!!! I love acoustic! Its relaxing.. Plus, suitable with their age, they dont have to strain their vocal cord yelling to reach high notes.. Santai je.. kan best!

They are old, but they're still amazing. Muka je dah kedut2, tapi suara tetap mantap. Cuma x boleh nak tarik lebih2 la.. When, they were still young, Russel had a very powerful voice. A very high note was not even a problem to him. Part paling best bila dia tarik, perghhhhh mmg power!

Nowadays.. handsome?? Voice is still glorious..

And Graham, he was soooooo handsome years ago. Tall & charming. But look at him now, dah tua dah.. x handsome dah. Betullah org kata, jangan pandang pada rupa sebab rupa tu tak kekal. Dah tua nanti berkedut jugak. But try to see in different aspect. Habis tu, takkan dari muda sampai tua nak tgk rupa x best je.. At least kalau masa muda die je handsome, adelah moment yg best kan drpd sepanjang mase je x hensem! 1 is better than none right? (Okay, this is sarcasm. Just a joke okay! JOKE!)

Why do i love Air Supply? Because i just love classic things. Yup, they are considered as classic. Yelah, dah tua kan. Lagipun, i was not even born during their era. Not just that, their melodies are well arranged. Its very nice.. Lyrics! Lyrics too!!! Not just crappy words substituded. But, all of them have its own meaning and story.. Just compare to nowadays songs. See the differenceS?

They once held a concert in Malaysia in 2006 I guess.. But i only knew it 3 months after the concert. Kalau x.. dah lama dah.. (x pegi jugak pun kalau tau awal. Tiket mahal, masa tu xde pendapatan sendiri lagi, and xde teman nak pegi). Kalau sekarang???? hmmm...

Mulai hari ini saya berikrar untuk diet! terngiang2 suara balqis, 'Kalau ko makan supper siap ko haa...'

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