Sunday, June 13, 2010

This man teach me something

After treating people nicely,
we got backstabed in return,
that make us being a little cruel so people won't shit us,
but when we realize, the one that we shit might also treating people nicely as we were,
so, why we put them in a place that we ourselves hate it?
Treat them all nicely as long as they dont make a mess.
Treat backstabbed people extra-nicely because they really need that,
and u'll be extra appreciated.

p/s :
ruginya x dapat tolong kemas barang rumah lama. ruginya... ruginyaaa!!!!
That A.D.O really teach me something.


airainara said...

who is this man? And yeah, he teach us smthng~ agree thou..

pot said...

ok,lepas ni intan jgn dok jeling2 backstabber,nt mata jd juling pula.rilek2 bt xnpk sude.ekekek

intannuratiqahmohamadyunus said...

aina - he is a young handsome man, who already work as assistant district officer, who came to our house just to help us packing out things. plus, we dont know each other before.Just datang nk tolong.. baik x?

pot-working on that!

adik_mirah said...

hahaha..baiknya buat post entry psl bkal adik ipar akq..JANGAN MENGADE-NGADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nadiah said...

wah2...mirah...sape la laki yang bertuah tue???

intan, ko still buat lg ke jelingan maut ko tu kat sane????