Saturday, June 5, 2010


Eventhough i know its quite late to talk about Israel attacking Marmara ship, but i know this Israel conflicts will always be prolonged.

I'm not going to reflash about what happened to Marmara ship as everyone already talked, wrote about it with all the videos in the internet.

What i want to bold here is our role as a muslim, as a human towards this issue. Apparently we are condemning, bursting out our anger to israel. Well, of course it'll give a 'LITTLE' impact on Israel. But not for long. Israel dont give a damn about it. They can just pretend they dont hear it. Maybe they're suffering from auditory aphasia, they can listen but cant understand.

People of Palestine is so strong & brave, the can stand till this very minute to protect their motherland. And..I'm proud to be Malaysian. Because we have a very good relationship with Palestine and giving our ass to Israel. Plus, we Malaysia had been helping Palestine long time ago and still helping them. Reminiscing the era when Yasser Arafat was still breathing, how he always visited Malaysia and met Tun Dr Mahathir (PM at that time).  Why do u think Yasser always came to meet Tun Dr. M? Just to have a chit chat with coffee? Wasting a sum of money while his country and people in a state of war?Of course not. Tun Dr. M had been helping them in many ways, only we don't know it in precise. How Yasser & Tun Dr M love each other in the name of Islam. I still remember how Tun Dr M cried when Yaser died. And what Tun Dr M did is continued appreciated by Palestinean. Because, his efforts never end. Look how he try to criminalized war. Look how he react upon every Israel unforgiven actions.

Below is one of Tun Dr M entry, and I'm showing Kholoud's comment (from palestine)

And this is my comment! hihihi..
See..why cant we respect & love our leader while others want to make him theirs?

We should think and plan our action from now, not for short duration, but for a long time. Perancangan masa panjang. So, our strategies must include all aspects, outside & inside.

The most important thing is to be united! We, muslim countries, is much bigger, the people is much more than Israel. Why the hell that we afraid of them? Israel easily step on our head because we are seperated! Plus, Israel is sorrouded by us, muslim countries. They are the one who should afraid of us! Not the other way round!

Most muslim countries are weak because they are too dependant((economy) on America. Dont u ever think that Israel is under America. America is Irael's dog! Every action of America is under Israel's control. They are just their puppet! Come on, Allah blessed every muslim countries. We should be able to stand on our own feet. We dont have to rely on America for food. We have workers,sources to be independant.Widen our prospective to all other countries, not only America. So, we dont give a shit if America dont want to deal with us because US is no longer the major controller of our economy.  We should follow Japan & China. Just like Tun Dr M idea, Dasar Pandang ke Timur.

We should strenghten our money. But money shouldnt but money. That lead to economy crisis on 1998. Money is unpredictable. People can cheat. Again, as Tun Dr M suggested, Gold Dinar is more practical. The price of gold will never go down. Even there will be a 'lambakan' gold, people still want it. But 'lambakan' duit? it will be non valueable. At least, we shoulp practic gold dinar among ourselves, muslim countries, then spread it to the world.

Most of us launch boycot Israel's product. Yes, this will weaken their economy, but remember, we are helping them in another way.By what? By medication! I was awared of this when a dr came to zagazig to deliver his speech. They are controlling the medication all around the world. We are busy boycotting all these coca cola, pepsi so on. But in fact we are helping them tru medication that we bought. Even medication that are meant to be supplied to palestine people are from them. Who knows? Solution? Not to buy medication and die? Nope... We must develope our technologies and encourage our youth the study well so we can invade Israel's rule. 

Do it now for the future.

p/s : Actually, i kinda like Hitler. I dont think he did anything wrong. If he didnt do such thing, things might be worse!

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pot said...

1 jari tuding ke arah yahudi dan zionis,4 jari tuding ke arah islam.islam yang berpecah.hence,di malaysia pun melayu semua berpecah.apa nak jadi? *sambil nyanyi lagu s.m salim*